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IBB hosts European Association of Centres of Medical Ethics annual conference in Barcelona

Barcelona, September 8th 2017. IBB-URL and European Association of Centres of Medical Ethics (EACME) organise 2017 Annual Conference from September 7th to 9th in Edifici Docent in Sant Joan de Déu (Barcelona). This international conferences gathers more than 200 people related to bioethics.

Under the title Justice in Health Care – Values in Conflict, 2017 EACME Annual Conference will deal with conflicts related to justice in relation to four big topics, so called “Determinants of Health”, “Sanitary systems: at the service of what?”, “Justice and Vulnerability”, and “The role of professionals and research”.

During the inauguration, Margarita Bofarull r.s.c.j, president of IBB, welcomed all the members from the board, specially Ruud Ter Meulen, EACME president, for having chosen IBB-URL to host this annual conference. Margarita Bofarull made a special mention of the terrorists attacks which took place in Barcelona last August, underlining the solidarity of the Catalan people and honoured the victims and their bereaved families. Furthermore, she also emphasised the importance of Francesc Abel s.j. in the diffusion of bioethics in Europe and the creation of IBB in 1976.

Ruud ter Meulen, EACME president, recalled that this is the third time that IBB hosts an EACME Annual Conference. Finally, he thanked IBB’s team for the outstanding event organisation and all the attendees.

URL’s dean, Josep Maria Garrell, highlighted how important bioethics for social development and the work done by IBB. He also thanked EACME for having chosen Barcelona for its Annual Conference and, particularly, for having trusted IBB’s for the organisation and URL for hosting the event. He said that it is an honour for URL to have IBB as a federate institution, one of the most important bioethical institutes worldwide and a reference in Europe. He congratulated all the team for the good work and thanked all the attendees for coming, as well as wishing them all a good annual congress.

After that, Paul Schotsmans prize was presented. Paul Schotsmans himself explained that the goal of the prize is to acknowledge and support young researchers in the bioethics field, empowering them to move forward. Alexandra Gasparetto was awarded the prize this year.

A video commemorating IBB’s 40 years closed the inaugural ceremony.

Justice in HealthCare, object of debate

More than 130 oral communications and poster presentations will take place in the next three days. Furthermore, the following lectures will take place: “The normative significance of social determinants of Health” by Thomas Schramme (University of Liverpool) , who will talk about how public healthcare must be linked to ethical debates and social justiec; “Health Care Systems – At the Service of What?” by Yvonne Denier (University of Leuven), who will try to answer the question of how healthcare can be involved in a general theory about justice and how to reach an acceptable balance between efficiency, justice and healthcare; and “Justice and Vulnerability”, by Begoña Roman (IBB-URL).

Finally, the conference will end with the round table “Quaternary Prevention or first do no harm”, integrated by Marc Jamoulle (University of Lieja), Ricardo la Valle (University of Buenos Aires), Miguel Pizzanelli and Daniel Widmer (University of Lausanne). The concept of Quaternary Prevention was created by Marc Jamoulle a decade ago to face the excessive medicalization and promote justice in attention of health, aiming for a new model in medicine and a new pact for society.

IBB-URL, as a founder institution of EACME, will actively participate during this annual conference in the executive board and general assembly.

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