The new technologies and the communication have invaded the educational field... bioethics has also been added to this tendency, with new methodologies and tools that approach it to its interests providing their learning.

Distance learning

Besides give our Courses and the Masters in Bioethics in assistencial modality, we offer the possibility of following them on-line, by Internet, for all those people whom difficulties of time or distance prevent them to attend the classes.

Basically the information contained in the corresponding sections of the Web for the Introductory Course and for the Master is valid also for the on-line modality, although next we give you some specific characteristics.


Online Spring call 2016
Pending programming.

The registration fee is 620 €.

Attendance modality
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12th. Edition Call (2017-2019)
The present call of the Master is already in the firts course that has begun in October 2017 until June 2019.

Attendance modality
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Common information to both activities

The students who are interested in doing the Course or the Masters can make the inscription online or contact with the Secretariat Staff of the Institute (Telf. 34-93.600.61.06 / When you have finished the registraton we will give you an access key to access to the virtual campus to initiate the activity from the predicted date.

Course materials
The professors will make available the necessary materials and recommended bibliography to download for the development of the subjects in the virtual campus.

Coursework and evaluation
The follow up of the course will coincide with the calendar of the attendance course, so the student have to develop the subjects according to the contributed materials by the teaching staff, and finalizing within the eight following days to the last class. The objective of establish a calendar is to try a homogenous follow up of all the students, avoiding delays that make their evaluation difficult by the teaching staff.

Progress will be evaluate through the activities handed for the student, that they will be available in the campus, and must be sent completed by e-mail within the eight following days to the date of conclusion of the subjet.

The professor will evaluate the corresponding activity and the student will receive a message from each subjet with the corresponding qualification. The student who did not reach the minimum of 80% of aptitude through the propose activities, will have to do an attendace examination, to he will be summoned, in order to obtain the academic credential for the course.

Faculty consultations
Students may consult any professor virtually through the forum betwenn professors and student that it is available in the campus. Questions will be answered as soon as possible.

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