Comunidad on-line "bioètica & debat"


The Borja Institute of Bioethics (URL) has created a Virtual Community of Bioethics.

It is a forum of interdisciplinary dialogue on Bioethics. An interactive page Web that it wants to put to your reach all the information of interest in the field of Bioethics (outstanding articles or monographs of different thematic related to this subject, the more relevant news of the media, several publications, webs of interest, formatives resources, opinion forums with news and ideas, etc), in order to be up-to-date in this discipline and power to participate and to collaborate in this network of plural exchange.

Also we offer monthly to all registered users a Newsletter, totally free, the access to our journal “Bioética & Debat” in electronic format and many services more.

We hoped to you in our Community of Bioethics. Register and contribute!!!


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