The Institut
Review ethical problems encouraging the dialogue as a work methodology.
Educate in bioethics
Foment the researching and advice new initiatives on bioethics.

Aims and methods

The IBB's main aim is to study in depth the problems raised by progress in biomedical science and its implications for society and its values, disseminating its findings in specialized publications.

In addition, it encourages interdisciplinary dialogue between scientists and humanists as a means to integrating scientific knowledge and ethical sensibility and finding appropriate ways to solve the problems arising from conflicts between technical views of reality and the cultural and social values which are essential in any discussion of human rights. To this end, the IBB organizes and participates in courses, conferences and round-table discussions. Additionally, it is represented on numerous hospital bioethics committees and governmental review commissions.

The IBB aims to be a platform for dialogue between the Christian faith and other world views, studying in depth the scientific, philosophical and legal foundations of ethics applied to health sciences. All these actions are directed towards shaping a world in which human rights are respected, the environment is protected, and the goal is a more equal distribution of wealth, ecological sustainability, and peace for all. In order to attain these objectives, the Institut co-operates with national and international institutions with similar goals. In this sense, the Institute tries to open different lines of work in the area of the environmental ethics and in the area of the nourishing ethics. 

The IBB also serves society at large by publishing both monographic studies of bioethical dilemmas, and the quarterly journal Bioètica & Debat.

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