"I would like to make a request: continue teaching; it is necessary formation of quality; there are many health professionals lost in the middle of as much change who need a formation like it offers the institute..."

Dr. Javier Gutiérrez
Master Student - 2005

European Official Master

Universitat Ramon Llull
Next edition (2017-2019)

In resolution of 15 September 2017 of the University Council, the accreditation of the official university degree of Master's Degree in Bioethics has been renewed by the Ramon Llull University.



The UNIVERSITY MASTER IN BIOETHICS (biennial) is intended to promote reflection and research on ethical issues related to human life and the conflicts of values often generated by advances in medical science and technology. Health professionals, professors, researchers, politicians or hospital administrations increasingly face the challenge of decisions involving ethical choices.

Progress in genetics, the beginning of life, health care priorities, patient rights, public health, organ transplants, AIDS, degenerative diseases or disabilities, the limits of treatment, or end-of-life decisions, are just some of the issues that often lead to difficult situations and raise questions that have no obvious answer. These studies aim to provide those professionals with the basic training required to be able to identify and clarify the main problems raised by human life and health care from an ethical standpoint. Professors representing a variety of disciplines –philosophy, human rights, health sciences and law – will provide both theoretical and practical guidance.

Given the real difficulties of scheduling and physical distance for many people, the Institute offers the option of distance learning through the Internet. Course requirements and content are identical to those of attendance-mode courses. If you are interested, please visit "Distance learning" section.


The Master’s program is intended for university graduates in medicine, philosophy, hospital management, lawyers, teachers or researchers interested in the health sciences.
Postgraduate studies are intended for those with diplomas in nursing, social work and other health-related fields who do not meet the prerequisites for enrolling in a Master’s degree program.
The access to the Master for the graduates will be possible whenever they fullfilled the academic and curricular requirements that the Institute demands, this requiremtens are three: 3 years minimum from the obtain of degree, professional experience and interest in the field of bioethics accreditted from the work place.


The course of study (700 hours) takes place from October to June - over two consecutive academic years, 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. The first course will serve as an introduction. The main topics of anthropology, philosophy of science, ethics, human rights, communication, basics of law and principles of bioethics will also be explained. During this semester, questions of human suffering, different visions of science, different ways of conceptualizing ethics, the relationship between ethics and law, the basis of communication and interpersonal relations will be addressed.
In the second year the focus will shift to bioethics issues or applied ethics to the problems of the life. Subjects related to genetics, the question of when human life begins, preventive medicine, health care systems or end-of-life issues, among others.

New edition's starting date

October 2017


The classes will be given at the Borja Institute of Bioethics headquarters, Edifici Docent Sant Joan de Déu, c/Santa Rosa, 37-59, Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona).


60 credits ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

Places available

Maximum 45


To attend the classes you have to know Spanish

Assessment criteria

Attendance taken at every class meeting, and continuous evaluation of student progress. Paper to be submitted at the end of each semester. Certificate of course completion specifies the number of credits earned.


At the end of the Master's program, students whose performance meets the level established by the assessment criteria will receive a diploma issued by the Universitat Ramon Llull.


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