Next call of research grants on Bioethics: Pendent 2016.

Current research work:

Estudi previ per a l’elaboració d’una guia dels aspectes ètics i jurídics en la recerca en ciències humanes i socials. Fundació Campus Arnau d’Escala. Investigator: Dr. Joan Canimas
Com volem morir quan van maldades? Entre la necessitat d’anticipar decisions, la urgència d’improvisar-les i el desig del bon morir Dra. Lina Masana, antropòloga

Research grants


Because its aims include the promotion of bioethics research, the Institut offers annually two grants alowing the researchers to develop a free topic that it has to be appropriate and of interest.


The amount of each grant is 4.000 €, with the corresponding tax deductions. The grant will be divided into three installments: the first when the grant is awarded; the second, when a part of the work is presented; and, the third, upon completion of the project.


  • Bioethics research projects may be presented by individuals as well as teams of researchers.
  • Two copies of the project proposal, between 3 and 7 pages in length and written in either Catalan or Spanish, must be submitted to the Institut. A complete application includes a brief curriculum vitae for each of the researchers, and a cover letter requesting funding.
  • The deadline of project submissions is April 30 of each year.
  • The review committee is composed of members of the Institut, specialists in bioethics who will base their decision on the project’s contribution to knowledge, innovative potential, methodology, etc.
  • The final decision will be made known to the interested persons on June, signing the corresponding contract. The projects funded must be completed, and the final report submitted, within the year following this date.
  • The Institut reserves the right to publish the results of the project, if it is deemed to be of interest.
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